Conflicts of “Freak the Mighty”

There can be 2 major conflicts in the book “Freak the Mighty”.

One major conflict in this book is Freak and his disease, Morquio Syndrome, this would be a man v.s. disease conflict. This is an internal conflict. It is an internal conflict because it is inside his body. Freak’s disease mad his insides grow faster than his outsides, this caused his heart to grow more than the outside of his body, so he died because his heart would no longer fit in his body.

The second major conflict is Freak the Mighty and Tony D. This is a person v.s. person conflict, or to shorten things up, an external conflict. An external conflict is a conflict that occurs outside of the persons body. Tony D. is a bully that does drugs and drinks alcohol.┬áHe is one of the biggest problems in this book because he is the one that causes Freak and Max the most problem. Tony D. and his gang chase Freak and Max around and try to tell them what to do. In one of these scenes, it is the 4th of July firework show. Tony D. finds Freak the Mighty and chases them after Freak calls Tony a “Cretin”.

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